Smoked Chuck Roast

by Dennis Beatty



  1. Trim excess fat off the chuck roast. Specifically the hard fat won't render down so it's better to just remove it.
  2. Mix salt and pepper and apply to top and sides of chuck roast. Wait 15 minutes, then flip roast and apply to bottom. There may be some salt and pepper mixture left over and that's okay. Save it for your next one.
  3. Heat smoker to 250 degrees. Place roast on the smoker. Add temperature probe if possible.
  4. After about 3 and a half hours or when the internal temperature of the roast reaches 170 degrees, remove the roast and wrap tightly in aluminum foil before returning to the smoker.
  5. Once the internal temperature of the roast reaches 205 degrees (typically 2 to 2 and a half hours), remove from the smoker. Wrap in towels in a cooler.
  6. Let rest in cooler for at least half an hour, but as long as four hours to help retain the juices as much as possible.